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   A BRICK from The Shrouds property were The 13th Child was born. It comes in a nice display with a Notarized Certificate of Authenticity,  too. You even get some of the dirt also. Who knows it might have some DNA on it. MAKE YOUR BEST OFFER  NOW FOR THIS PIECE OF HISTORY. $150.00, Shipping $10.00, Insurance $2.00
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   A lot has been said about JD over the years, is he a "Myth" or a "Legend". He has been spotted from the NJ Shore to California, some say he was born as a 13th child right here in N.J.  See article below about President Monroe who must have had a "Thing" for The JD, he even ordered a search party. Allegedly The JD killed some sailor and that it was killed. His remains are on display.

   Believe what you want, stories are still going on about "sightings".

   Well I went searching down at Leed's Point, N.J. where The Shroud's House was, (a friend now owns the property) being an avid collector of things and hearing about JD since I was a kid (that was when gas was .25c a gallon) I decided to visit my friend (he said come down in the Fall or Winter, because the green heads, flies, nats will carry you away.

   So one brisk Fall day I visited him, (oh, did it bring back memories that meadow smell, the marsh, the salt water).

   Well anyway he was so kind to let me take some pictures and also dig out some old bricks. Enjoy the pictures.

Old web photo As it looks today Me collecting bricks

  Being a Bottle Collector, I found several bottles about The JD, plus an interesting glass piece.

Clevenger Brothers bottle also a Glass piece that they made Atlantic City pharmacy bottle A JD Flask

  Many sightings and drawings of The JD is on the web. HAVE YOU SEEN HIM?  


The Jersey Devil Expedition of 1819 - Paranormal Museum

Revealed for the first time artifacts and relics from an expedition in 1819 charged by the President of the United States, James Monroe. He sends Commodore Stephen Decatur to New Jersey to test the ironworks of Hanover and Batsto. Decatur is sent another secret mission, accompanied by Dr. James Killian, Cryptozoologist. What Decatur and his team find in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey tests the boundaries of belief... An American hero meets and American legend. Now, you can meet both.

Paranormal Museum, 623 Cookman Ave., Asbury Park, NJ 07712    PRICE: $5  PHONE: 646-496-8458  Web site: here


Museum exhibit shines light on 1819 Jersey Devil probe

By MATTHEW McGRATH STAFF WRITER October 24, 2009 as appeared in The Asbury Park Press

ASBURY PARK Under a heavy glass case there is a yellowed, stained letter purportedly from President James Monroe to a decorated Naval war hero."Know ye, that Commodore Stephen Decatur has been commissioned to carry out the agreed upon mission of the capture and detention of the known Leeds Devil," Monroe wrote.
   The Leeds Devil a winged, horned beast with the body of horse and sharp talons said to stalk the Pine Barrens is known better by its more common, contemporary moniker, the Jersey Devil.
   The letter is on loan from a "private collection" to the Dr. James Killian Foundation, which is displaying artifacts from Decatur's May 1819 expedition into the Pine Barrens. They are displayed at Paranormal Books and Curiosities on Cookman Avenue.


   Officially, the mission was for Decatur to test cannonballs made at a Pine Barrens iron works. With a small crew, Decatur, who fought the French, the British and Barbary Corsairs, sailed to New Jersey from Virginia aboard the USS Minuteman.
   He was accompanied by Killian, "a self-described abnormalist" Killian curator Jason McKitrick said.
, 27, of Toms River is the head curator of the Killian Foundation, which he says formed in 1893 in Boston, and has a satellite office in Philadelphia. The foundation's board of trustees "will remain anonymous." Until now, the group has been private and it never publicized its activities. McKitrick said.
   The exhibition is the foundation's first.
   Among the artifacts are Decatur's and Killian's undated journals, drawings of the devil, and purported body parts harvested from the Jersey Devil herself. Many of the artifacts were uncovered at the Decatur House museum in Washington, D.C., McKitrick said.
   A Decatur House spokeswoman was not available to comment Saturday afternoon.

The journals tell the following story:

Decatur and Killian killed a Jersey Devil that crashed through the roof of a home where they were staying. The beast killed Petty Officer Joseph Midland before it was dispatched by Decatur's sword and Killian's pistol.

Once it was dissected, Killian found the female beast was pregnant. The Jersey Devil fetus is also on display.

"I had expected to find a singular creature here, perhaps a deformed outcast of a native species or possibly nothing at all," Decatur wrote. "These animals are a species unlike anything else in the animal kingdom."

If the story seems too fantastic, it probably is.

There is at least one flaw in the tale: The Navy has no record of a USS Minuteman, according to Naval History and Heritage Web site.

But, McKitrick said, there would be no record because it was a secret mission.


Jason McKittrick, Toms River, Head Curator for the Dr. James Killian Foundation, points to a map of New Jersey showing reported sighting of the Jersey Devil, at an exhibit currently on display at the Paranormal Museum at Paranormal Books and Curiosities in Asbury Park. Photo by
















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